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Many Happy Returns

The final book of the Demon's Pawn book series

The final book in the Demon's Pawn series, Many Happy Returns brings the hunt between Markus and Nicola to an end. Set eight years after the events of Dreams and Endings, Markus and Twig still hunt Nicola and his demons. Markus, under the tutelage of Book and guidance of Lucifer, has become a master of majic and the hunter most feared in the supernatural world. Markus has grown into a citizen of the supernatural and a stranger to mankind. Hero to the Faye, and despised by the dark creatures, Markus cares only about killing Nicola. The cost to himself and others is secondary to seeing Nicola in Hell. Arthur, trying to make peace with Markus's decision to leave her out of the hunt, becomes a leader within the Faye. However, as she sees his humanity fade and his obsession grow, she aches to help him before he is lost in the madness of his hunt.

The second draft of Many Happy Returns is finished and the book is awaiting copyediting and cover art.