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En Passant

Book I of the Demon's Pawn book series

Set in a world where creatures of folk lore survived, Markus accidentally summons a demon, and is forced into a contract with it. When the contract comes due, the demon appears for what's his, but Markus has a better deal for him. Now Markus makes his way through a world of the supernatural where fairy tale creatures, spirits, and old gods live side by side with modern man and his new religions. As he works to find a way to save himself, he finds friendship and acceptance among the supernatural. As those creatures slowly become friends and an odd family, the cost failing to save himself rises. The wellbeing of his unlikely family comes to rely his success as much as saving his own soul.

The world of En Passant is based firmly on traditional folk lore, occult, various religions, and majics. The book is reflection on a few simple questions: what if all the folk lore and stories were true? What would have happened to all of those creatures today? In a modern world where science has unseated faith and superstition, how would all of the old folklore fit in? Or, would it?

As humans, we always come first in our lives. Would we treat the supernatural any differently than how we treat our own kind? What would it feel like as a person of the supernatural to see a mundane species become the dominate race, and how would it impact your culture?

The book explores these ideas as the story plays out, driven by one person, cornered in a bad situation, trying to save themselves. His interactions and relationships with these supernatural people change the way he thinks about them, and humans as well.