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Dreams and Endings

Book II of the Demon's Pawn book series

Markus is happy living in his new life, far from the majic driven drama he left behind. However, Arthur must take him from the world he has built to help the Faye save theirs, and their only chance at salvation.

With Lucifer dethroned, Nicola reigns as master of Hell. Markus lives a humble and obscure life in the American southwest. He is ignorant of his past, abilities, and the actions that unwittingly freed Nicola and usurped Lucifers rule. Now the balance between heaven and Hell is akimbo, and Nicola sets his sights on a higher throne. Both harmless and helpless, Arthur knows that Markus is the only one who can help her people avoid extinction. The debt of her freedom won by Markus, weighs heavy on her conscious as she must choose between her people, and destroying the happy life of the one person who could be the savior of the Faye.